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Tent Encampments

We can bring a legal and safe ending to illegal tent encampments in the UK

The trend for tent “cities” in England and Wales is on the increase. These are frequently makeshift tents and are occupied by economic migrants, usually squatting within areas of land where they will not be easily detected.

The number of occupants can often be surprisingly high and may be spread over a fairly wide area. Where possible the occupants will look for existing structures to utilise for weather protection, such as dry areas under bridges. The means of gaining access to the camp is frequently convoluted and may involve significant risk – maybe crossing a fast dual carriageway, then taking an ill-defined path through overgrown vegetation, before crossing a river outlet using a narrow plank. They will take other gambles such as lighting open fires, potentially risking damage to your property.

Every situation is different and requires a careful professional assessment before any attempt is made to remove the camp. We ensure that health and safety and environmental risks are properly managed. We will liaise with other authorities including police on your behalf so that everything goes ahead smoothly. In dealing with the occupants during the operation itself our well-trained team know that a polite respectful approach, which is nonetheless firm, will be the swiftest way to getting results.

We will look at what needs to be done with any items left on site and of course there may be rubbish to clear. We provide a full service including the clean-up of the site if required.

We’re proud that our success rate stands at 100%. This provides assurance that our approach is very effective and we can be relied upon to resolve this sort of issue.

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