Tent Encampment Removal UK

Tent Encampments

We can bring a legal and safe ending to illegal tent encampments in the UK

Over the last few years there has been a noticeable increase in the amount of illegal encampments appearing all over the country. These are usually tents but can be makeshift structures in woodlands usually out of the view of the public. The trespassers also look for existing structures to use to set up occupation such as areas under bridges and land where they may not be easily detected. We have vast experience and expertise in dealing with these groups and we endeavour to find local charities and support for the persons living rough in the encampments, so they have options when they are evicted.

This group are vulnerable not only because of where and how they are living but most are normally drug and or alcohol dependant which brings their own complications when trying to communicate to achieve a successful eviction.

We offer water, hot drinks and blankets especially in the colder months and will request medical help should we see a need.

We also try to provide information on charities and support centres they could access nearby.

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