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Swift action - Negotiate, repossess or evict

Squatters are a continuing problem to property agents and commercial landlords and if you discover squatters in your premises then you need to act quickly as the longer they are in occupation the more damage may occur and increased levels of occupation may ensue.

Common Law can be used but in some cases you will need to obtain a Possession Order and then have this transferred up to the High Court to obtain a Writ of Possession. As authorised High Court Enforcement Agents with many years of experience we have removed squatters by means of a High Court Writ from a variety of sites across the country including:

  • Large Retail Units
  • Pubs
  • Offices
  • Disused warehouses

Whilst serving Court papers on your behalf we will carry out a reconnaissance together with health and safety assessments to determine what equipment or specialist teams are required to gain entry together with the best approach to be used for removal of the squatters.

After the removal of squatters you will need to think about how to secure your property against a re-incursion and we can provide you with boarding up, perma-screens or security at the premises. Please see our Site Security page.

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