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Clearance – Fly Tipping and Waste

Our fleet of grab lorries can remove all waste from your site

Constant & Co Ltd can provide a professional response for fly-tipping clearance and waste removal.

Our effective and efficient team of fly-tipping removal specialists are licensed and will clear fly-tipped waste from private or public land safely, helping to ensure the area is left clean and environmentally friendly.

We safely remove fly-tipped / unwanted waste, ensuring the area is left safe and hazard-free, helping to restore the area to its natural state and minimise the risk of the waste having a lasting impact on the local environment, wildlife and the general public.

What is Fly-tipping?

Fly-tipping is the illegal dumping of waste. It can be liquid or solid in nature and can vary in scale significantly from a single bin bag of waste to large quantities of waste dumped from trucks. Fly-tipping differs from littering in that it invariably involves the removal of waste from premises where it was produced with the deliberate aim of disposing of it unlawfully

The causes of fly-tipping are many and varied, as are the motivations of the perpetrators, although financial gain or financial saving is clearly a principal reason in the majority of cases. However, a lack of waste disposal facilities or access to them, laziness and an attitude that someone else will clear up the waste, all have a part to play.


  • It costs an estimated £86m-£186 million every year to investigate and clear up. This cost falls on taxpayers and private landowners
  • Fly-tipping poses a threat to humans and wildlife, damages our environment, and spoils our enjoyment of our towns and countryside.
  • Fly-tipping undermines legitimate waste businesses where illegal operators undercut those operating within the law. At the same time, the reputation of legal operators is undermined by rogue traders.

The true scale of fly-tipping on private land is not clear but it is estimated the fly-tipping on private land costs £50m to £150 million to clear up each year.

Land managers, occupiers or owners of private property are responsible for clearing and disposing of any fly-tipping found on private land.

There are a number of steps that landowners and management companies can take to prevent fly-tipping on their land:

  • Physical improvements such as the installation of gates and barriers and improved visibility
  • Better site management – keeping areas tidy and removing fly-tipped waste quickly
  • Deterrence – this can be in the form of successful prosecutions, signage, CCTV, security patrols etc
  • Working with others including your neighbours, local businesses and any existing partnerships to implement preventative measures

Regardless of whether land is public or private, if you find fly-tipped waste you should report it to the relevant authority.

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