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Prevent car meets on private land

A car meet is a gathering of car enthusiasts on a certain day and time. More organised events can involve trophies and competitions however the more common occurrence is for groups of people to congregate in the evening in local car parks or tarmacked areas. They race, stunt drive and show off their vehicles, the noise can impact local business as well as the environment being intimidating to those nearby. Car meets can encourage dangerous driving and antisocial behaviour, they are typically organised on social media and therefore landowners can be alerted prior to them happening.

If a car meet incurs on your private land you have the right to prevent this from happening and remove the vehicles. If you are aware of an event that could be happening, you can put preventative measures in place. Our enforcement agents will attend when the meet is happening, they will act as a deterrent to those involved in the meet, block any access points where possible and monitor those entering the area.

Another preventative measure would be security, we can provide security to attend at the location and again they will act as a deterrent. This can include dog units or security guards.

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