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Abandoned Cars and Vehicles

Do you have an abandoned car or vehicle?

An abandoned vehicle is a vehicle that appears to have been given up by its owner and is often in a state of disrepair causing an inconvenience to landowners as well as having an environmental impact on the land. Do you have an abandoned vehicle?

Questions to ask:

  • Has the vehicle been moved in 3-4 weeks?
  • Does the vehicle have any flat tyres/wheels missing?
  • Does the vehicle have any damage?
  • Are any of the windows/windscreen broken?
  • Is the vehicle moldy or rusty?
  • Are the bonnet/doors open?

If you answer yes to the above then we will make reasonable steps to locate the owner of the vehicle for you. We will send a Notice to the owner requesting them to remove the vehicle and advising them that if the vehicle is not removed then it will be taken away for disposal/sale depending on its value. If the owner does not respond then we will provide you with an authority letter to have the vehicle disposed/sold and can liaise with a recovery firm on your behalf to remove the vehicle.

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